Royal Newcastle Centre/Royal Newcastle Hospital

Project developed from planning to completion from 2003 to 2006
The projects included:

  • Collaborative work with designers (architects and interior designers), health planners, and staff.
  • Cataloguing the arts collection of the Royal Newcastle Hospital (RNH),
  • Development of four collections that celebrate the heritage and achievements of the RNH:  architecture, volunteers, maintenance and engineering, nursing and health management.
  • Development of resources through partnerships and sponsorships including $60,000 cash donations.
  • Commissioning of 16 public art works.
  • Development of collection of 100 photographs on sunrises from the Hunter Region in partnership with ABC Radio and local communities.
  • Acquisition of a grand piano for the foyer and development of partnership for an ongoing music program with the Newcastle Music Conservatorium (University of Newcastle).
  • Development of an arts program, Royal on the Move, that supported change (closure of the RNH and moving to the new building).

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