Cabravale Park Redevelopment

Dreaming a Sustainable and Healthy Future

Fairfield City Council has upgraded Cabravale Memorial Park

This project included: 

Collaborative planning work with the landscape architects and school students from Cabramatta local schools. Design and creation of works for the rainwater garden, mosaics for paths and seats, created the representation of the chain of ponds of the Fairfield creek using mosaics, stories of the the Lailo the frog, water for life design with students for mosaics for the rainwater garden seat and paving inserts.

Healthy Heart paving inserts in the walking path every 50 meters in various languages message "Walking 30 minuets every day is good for your heart" carved into the terracotta tiles made from the clay dug up from the park during redevelopment work. Designed developed with many community language groups.


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